Wrinkles…who needs them?!

Wrinkles are one of the first visible signs of ageing and are a common reason for people to first seek out cosmetic treatment. Wrinkles come in two forms – static and dynamic.

Dynamic wrinkles are those that are only visible when the underlying muscles are in action. For example, we create wrinkles on our face when we smile or frown. Over time, these dynamic wrinkles slowly form permanent creases in our skin, leaving static wrinkles – the ones that are still there, even after you’ve stopped smiling (or frowning).

Often our clients complain that they look angry or upset, even when they aren’t, and it’s usually the early formation of static wrinkles that cause this. Other’s speak about friends and loved ones asking “What’s wrong?” when nothing is, because the static frown or worry lines are telling a false story.

The good news is that you don’t have to live with wrinkles! The earlier you begin treating them, the easier they are to treat and the better the long-term outcome. Many clients start treating wrinkles BEFORE they become static, as a preventative measure. These are the clients that retain their youthful appearance much longer than others that choose to wait until static wrinkles form or don’t ever seek treatment at all.

The message about wrinkles is clear. Act early and stay younger, longer.

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